Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver

Silver is bright white in colour, and a durable material.

It is prone to tarnishing and requires cleaning to maintain its shine.

925 parts (AG) / 75 parts copper (CU)


Gold Yellow / Rose / White

9k Gold is paler than 18k, and is durable. 18K Gold has a rich saturated colour, strong anti-tarnishing properties, and is durable.

9K Yellow / 375 parts (AU) / 450 (CU) / 100(AG) / 75 (ZN)

18k Yellow / 750 parts (AU) / 125 parts (CU) / 125 parts (AG)

Precious Stones

Ruby / Emerald / Sapphire

Rubies are famed for their deep red colour, while Emeralds are found in varying greens.

Sapphires are most commonly found in shades of blue and green, but are available in every colour.


Diamonds White / Black / Coloured

Diamonds, the most sought after stone for their brilliance, come in an array of colours and clarities.

They are the hardest known material, and natural diamonds can be anywhere from 1-3 billion years old.



Platinum is a deep whitish-grey, rich in colour and incredibly durable.

It is not prone to tarnishing or discolouring.

950 parts (PT) / 50 parts (IR)

Australian Opals

Australian Opals

(SiO2┬ĚnH2O) / Mohs hardness 5.5-6

Australian Opals comprise of incredibly unique, iridescent colours.

The finest Opal examples are found in Australia, who produces 96% of the world’s Opal supply.